As technology advances, CCTV systems have become more sophisticated, and an upgraded system means better security. Upgrading your existing CCTV system will ensure that it remains effective and relevant in a fast-changing security situation. In this article, we will explore ways to upgrade your existing CCTV system to ensure better security.

Evaluate Your Current System

To know what needs upgrading, you need to conduct an evaluation of your current CCTV system. This evaluation should include identifying any blind spots that need covering, checking the quality of the footage, and ensuring that the cameras are situated appropriately. This information will present an opportunity to identify the lenses, lighting, and viewing angles that need upgrades.

Upgrade to HD Cameras

One of the critical upgrades that will make a substantial difference in your existing system is upgrading your cameras to high-def (HD) cameras. With superior resolution, HD cameras can capture more detailed and excellent quality footage. HD cameras work best in well-lit areas, and they will enable better facial recognition and help with identifying finer details in the footage.

Install Motion Detection Systems

Another important upgrade to your CCTV system is the installation of motion detection systems. With motion detection, your cameras will only start capturing footage when movement is detected, saving energy and space, allowing you to capture more data when needed.

Upgrade to Remote Access

One of the best upgrades your CCTV system can get is remote access. It means that you can view the footage of your premises from anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet. This helps you to monitor your property and respond in real-time.

Upgrade Software Systems

The software systems that operate an existing CCTV system are critical to ensuring that it operates optimally. Upgrading the software systems ensures that the CCTV is safe from any security vulnerabilities, and it’s up-to-date with the latest security features. Some software systems will also notify you in real-time if there’s suspicious activity, allowing you to take immediate action.

Upgrade Storage

Upgrading the storage system is another crucial upgrade to your existing CCTV system. The footage from a CCTV system is much more extensive than it seems, and therefore an adequate storage system is essential. An upgraded storage system ensures that the footage is secure and easily accessible when needed.

In conclusion, upgrading your existing CCTV system is a smart decision that will ensure better security for your premises. It’s essential to evaluate your current system to know which specific upgrades best suit your needs. Upgrading to HD cameras, motion detection systems, remote access, software systems, and storage systems are all essential for better security. At J teem Solutions, we have a team of experts that can help you upgrade your existing CCTV system for better security. Get in touch with us today for a proper assessment and to discuss your CCTV security needs.