In today’s world where security is a paramount concern, reliance on technology has become critical for privacy and protection. CCTV systems represent the digital line of defense against crime and emergencies, and their uninterrupted functionality is non-negotiable. That’s why the HikVision 1 KVA UPS – DS-UPS1000 is setting new standards. Plugged into your CCTV infrastructure, the DS-UPS1000 ensures continuous surveillance operations, even during the most adverse and unpredictable power conditions.  

Power Consistency and Stability

HikVision’s DS-UPS1000 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is designed to deliver consistent power to your vital surveillance systems, minimizing the risks of data loss, hardware damage, and downtime. With its 1KVA capability, the DS-UPS1000 can handle a significant load, ensuring that your CCTV cameras stay up and running 24/7.

Reliability in Unpredictable Circumstances

Power disruptions and failures can happen at any time, but with the HikVision DS-UPS1000, you are better prepared to handle such scenarios. The UPS switches to battery mode in the event of power failure, guaranteeing continuous operation until your power source is restored. This level of reliability is crucial, particularly in security scenarios, where any loss of surveillance coverage could potentially be catastrophic.

Extended Lifespan of Equipment

The DS-UPS1000 is designed to provide not just uninterrupted power but also clean power. It effectively shields your CCTV systems from power surges and electrical noise that may otherwise damage your equipment or diminish its lifespan. Hence, deploying a DS-UPS1000 not only provides immediate operational benefits but also extends the longevity of your CCTV system.

Compact, Robust, and Eco-friendly

Despite being laden with cutting-edge technology, the HikVision DS-UPS1000 is incredibly compact. This makes it easier for you to integrate it into your existing security infrastructure without worrying about additional space requirements. Moreover, its robust construction ensures durability, while its energy efficiency contributes positively to your company’s ecological footprint.


Maintaining the integrity of your security systems should be a top priority for any organization. With the HikVision DS-UPS1000, you get a seamless reliability from an industry-leading tech solution that caters to your needs for uninterrupted power. From ensuring system continuity in power outages to prolonging your equipment’s lifecycle, the DS-UPS1000 has you covered, cementing its place as a must-have for any CCTV system.

Whether your organization is large or small, the HikVision 1 KVA UPS – DS-UPS1000 provides a level of resilience and surety that goes beyond simply ‘keeping the lights on.’ It’s about offering ongoing, unfaltering surveillance – because in today’s world, you can never be too secure.